Plan to start an exercise program

Tips to start an exercise program

a.)Schedule time to exercise
Set time each day to exercise, make it a priority and stick to your plan. Make a calendar and set time and date when to exercise. make a plan so that you’ll be able to meet your goal.

b.)Start Slowly
Start with 10-15 minutes exercise of light physical activity. start slowly by choosing cardiovascular activity you are most likely to do such as biking, jogging, swimming. don’t rush for the rest of the day like any other people.

c.)Look for exercise partner
If you have a exercise partner it makes exercise more fun and exciting, it motivates you and make it competitive.

d.)Job well done
After a hard work reaching your goal, treat yourself to a new better fitting clothes, a pair of jeans or new music for your player to enjoy while exercising.

e.)Find the right exercise
Select exercise that you like to do, that is fun. you are more likely to stick to it. you may want cycling or hiking by group, joining a fitness club.


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