Five Facts About Memory

1.) Memory is a process
A memory comes from actions you take to store, remember, and use information. as with computer, information must be entered through your senses and then acted upon to store it. Once it’s been stored, you must take some action to retrieve it.

2.) Women’s memories are better than man.
On almost every type of memory test at every age, women perform better than man.One possible explanation is that female hormone estrogen helps keep brain process intact. Another theory is that women have more experience juggling the details of daily living, there by keeping their mind supple.

3.) Forgetting happens fast
Facts are most likely to fade from our memories soon after we learn them. You forget about 60 percent of whatt you learn within 3 years, but in the next 50 years you forget only about another five percent

4.) Different people have different abilities to remember, just as we have various level of intelligence
People are good at remembering numbers. others will forget their own adress, yet they easily recall the name of every person they meet. Virtually all memory skills can be improved with a little bit of effort. The keys are training and practice

5.) Aging doesn’t equal forgetfulness
It’s true that some memory skills deteriorate with time. As individuals reach their 70’s, it may take the brain longer to retrieve stored bits of information from parts of the long term memory. But when they’re not rushed, older people remember as well as anyone.


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