Think Water

Get into the habit of drinking water liberally on arising. in the mid morning, mid afternoon, and early evening. if you work at the desk keep a pitcher of water handy and help yourself frequently. A drink of water is like an internal shower, it rinses the stomach and prepares it for its work. It also helps you overcome sleepiness and the temptation to snack between meals

water is exactly what the body needs to carry out the chemical reactions for all its life processes. It is the perfect beverage and the one of life’s greatest blessings. Lack of water causes irritability, and you cannot think clearly. to prevent this symptoms get into the habit of drinking water to have the best health including mental alertness, water is often the most effective and the cheapest tonic you can take. by using simple water treatments, you can avoid the use of aspirin, which maybe especially harmful to children. if a fever persists, a physician should be consulted


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